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Is Your Roof Starting To Look Tired & Neglected?

There are several  ways to clean the moss, lichens and algae from your roof tiles. An environmentally friendly biocide should always be applied to the roof area to be cleaned, prior to any cleaning taking place.

Contrary to popular belief, pressure washing is by far the most effective, providing the operative is fully skilled in the movement of the “wand” and aware of the pressure setting for the job in hand. 

Soft washing uses a lower level of pressure than pressure washing and is combined with various  treatments to eradicate the spores associated with any moss, algae, fungi and lichen’s which are growing on the tile surface.

Hand-scraping the moss from the roof tiles is by far the most laborious and will generally leave the overall surface looking patchy when completed.

Click here for a step by step method which shows exactly how we transform and protect your roof tiles.

There are many companies that offer roof tile cleaning but only a few that have the equipment, knowledge and experience to extend the life of your roof tiles by spraying hydrophobic clear or colour-pigmented protective coatings that re-stabilise the tiles surface.

We have been carrying out this transformational process since 1995.

This short video will show you just how effective our roof tile coatings are and in addition to the physical properties of them which protect your roof tiles – they are also the reason why almost all of our work comes from a recommendation as a result of the immediate “kerb appeal” the finished property exudes.

When it comes to exterior wall render cleaning, we have separate teams that carry out this also very important work.

Watch this short video, to see just how effective the product is as well as the protection it gives your home against penetrating damp and heat loss – it’s remarkable.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal

Cleaning your roof shouldn’t be considered an optional course of action – if you care about the state of your building, this is a critically important process. We have the professional experience and equipment to make short work of any roof cleaning needs that you have both now and in the future. Our roof cleaning and moss removal company is packed full of seasoned veterans that know all of the industry tips and tricks, and this guarantees top results.

Roof Coatings

Quality roof coatings can give so much more protection to your roof than you might imagine – and it could be the difference between a property that easily withstands a barrage of rain and wind, and one that suffers from substantial leaks. We offer a range of different roof coatings that are suited to various roofing materials and structures. Naturally, the application process is straightforward for us, so you won’t have to wait around for days for us to get it completed.

Patio & Driveway Cleaning

If you’re the kind of person that cares about the valuation and condition of their property, then you cannot afford to ignore the state of your patio or driveway. These structures can quickly become overrun with moss and debris, and it makes the entire property look so much worse as a result. We offer cleaning services which will restore them back to their optimal condition – and at an incredible price point.

Exterior Wall Coating & Cleaning

High grade exterior wall coatings are a first class way to bolster the protective quality of your property’s shell, and in doing so, update the aesthetic of the building. We’ll carry out exterior wall cleaning first to make sure that the surface is unblemished, and once preparation is complete, we’ll move ahead with the application of the wall coating.

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