Moss Removal From Roof Bromley.

Are you looking for professional roof cleaning, roof moss removal & roof tile coatings in Bromley?

***Many of our moss removal from roof customer’s call us in before they install their solar panel system. We have a special arrangement with Solar Panel Installers UK, who love working on moss free roofs! Preferential pricing is included also. Click here to contact them (opens in another window)and tell them that you came through this site. If they install your solar system, you’ll get a  great price!***


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What our customers say
Molly Bartlett
Molly Bartlett
4 days ago
These guy’s made a particulary filthy and dangerous job look so easy, they clearly know what they’re doing. In addition to removing all of the moss from my roof tiles, they replaced and repaired the missing and crumbling mortar that appeared once the roof tiles had been cleaned. Thank you Roof cleaning Bromley, I will not hesitate to tell my friends and family about your service.
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Sienna Lucas
Sienna Lucas
6 days ago
Thank you Roof cleaning Bromley! The brown sealant that you sprayed on after cleaning my roof has made it look like new. I had no idea that this could be done – I’m going to recommend you to my friends and family. Top job and nice people.
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Madison Sutton
Madison Sutton
January 10
Roof cleaning Bromley have changed the look of my roof. No longer does it look old and shabby, it’s now like a new roof. I chose a blue/black protective coating and am so very happy. Thank you to everyone from Danny to Joe who were involved – you are a credit to your company.
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Elliot Robinson
Elliot Robinson
January 9
I watched this company clean my neighbours roof tiles. I was so impressed that I booked them to clean the moss from my roof tiles! Fantastic job. Thanks lads.
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Moss Removal From Roof – Is It Worth It?

 Concrete roof tiles become porous over time because of the overgrowth of moss. This can result in rainwater settling into the substrate itself. During the freeze and thaw cycle of winter, this frozen water could fracture the tile surface.Roof tile moss can spread rapidly across roof-tiles if it’s left unchecked. Moss holds moisture within its cells, the moisture is absorbed directly into its cells by osmosis.

Moss removal from your roof tiles is a preventative measure to avoid possible unexpected and expensive repairs to the fabric of your home.

Concrete roof tiles become porous over time because of the overgrowth of moss. This can result in rainwater settling into the substrate itself. During the freeze and thaw cycle of winter, this frozen water could fracture the tile surface.

Hairline cracks, fractures and fissures due to the above action, increases the possibility of a leak. Moss removal from your roof tiles and roof moss clearance should be a serious consideration for your homes integrity.

Moss removal from your roof tiles including the spores themselves, seated within the tiles, followed by a clear or colour-pigmented waterproof, protective coating, will retard the regrowth and extend the life of your roof tiles.

Before you contact us to arrange your free quote for our moss removal from roof service, be sure to open the roof-configurator tab first so that when we’re talking about stopping the moss, lichens and any other detritus coming back onto the roof tiles of your home in the Bromley area for a ten year guaranteed period, you’ll understand better how we’re able to make that claim.

During our conversation, either on the phone or on-site, you’ll begin to realise that not only do we extend the life of your very important roof-tiles by retarding the erosion of them caused by the erratic UK weather as well as the regrowth of mosses and lichens but you now have the opportunity to give your home a completely new look, you’ll be able to create a brand new looking facade! Click here to take a look at what the neighbours thought of this roof cleaning job in Orpington when we’d finished! 

When we’re talking on the phone, ask us as many questions as you like, including the price ( a site visit is actually the best and most accurate way to provide you with your quotation.)

Before you call us, take a good look around this page as the information has been produced from our extensive knowledge of roof moss clearance and the application of waterproof, protective roof tile coatings since 1995.

When we come out to see you, it’s all business – no waffle and definitely no hard-sale tactics. Just really good information and a competitive price.

Moss Removal From Roof – The Procedure:

(There’s also a clickable clink just below here, where you can view step-by-step, the procedure).

We carry out moss removal from roof and roof moss clearance throughout Bromley, Orpington and South London. After the roof – moss clearance has been completed, any defective mortar between crests, ridge and hip tiles will be removed and re-pointed. Also any loose ridges and crests can be re-bedded and any damaged roof tiles replaced.

We will always advise pre-treating a roof first with a moss killing biocide to get rid of any moss and lichen that many roofs in Bromley, Orpington and South London suffer from.

The moss removal from roof and roof moss clearance would then be carried out by pressure washing with specialist roof cleaning equipment. This will remove moss, algae, lichen, dirt and pollutants.

Once the roof is completely clean, has been repaired and is dry we can apply our clear or colour-pigmented protective, breathable and waterproof coatings. The roof coating comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Bromley have developed these coatings to overcome the constant problems of moss, lichen and algae growth as well as to enhance the natural colour and aesthetic appeal of new or old roof tiles and therefore increase the kerb appeal of your home. The transformation is quite stunning!

Click here to see our process step – by-step, it’s extremely thorough and our expert operatives are consistent with the process. You’ll find the presentation about halfway down the page – well worth a look.

The set of services we’ve constructed is comprehensive and flexible in nature – and more than a match for any service request that comes up for our team. In the past, we’ve helped our customers by applying roof tile coatings and roof paint, exterior wall coatings, and other protective treatments, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We’re also adept at removing roof moss, roof cleaning, driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, and so much more. If you’re in need of any of these services, we’re the team that can give you the best service at the best price. If you’re not sure whether we have the options that you need, our customer service team can provide clarity.

1. Moss Removal From Roof – Bromley


Many people fail to realise it, but  moss removal from roof and roof moss clearance  isn’t really an optional service – at least, it’s not if you care about the state of your property. Unfortunately, it’s quite common for people to neglect their roofs and forget about them over the years, and this is how substantial roof repair issues emerge – which calls for much stronger, more expensive intervention rather than general maintenance. Of course, all of this is avoidable. At Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Bromley, we’ve provided moss removal from roof and roof moss clearance services to the homes and commercial properties across Bromley for so many years now – and in the process, we’ve likely saved the property owners thousands of pounds. To find out more about our roof cleaning service, and just why it’s what you need for your property, read on below.

Muck and Moss

It’s not exactly uncommon to see roofs covered in dirt, muck, and moss, and so people end up thinking that it’s a normal, harmless occurrence – and this is completely false! Although it’s possible that you could have a roof that can withstand the dirt that’s present, the opposite is far more likely to be true. The fact is, the presence of moss and dirt is damaging to most roofing components, especially when they’re up there for long periods of time. This is more than just a bad look for your property, it could be the structural undoing of the installation. Cleaning your roof means that the dirt and moss up there won’t have the chance to cause this damage.

Professional Intervention

Some people mistakenly think that it’s a good idea to ascend to their roofs themselves, in an effort to carry out roof cleaning on their own – but this is more likely to cause harm than good. It’s often a very precarious space, and the potential for a serious injury (or worse) to occur really isn’t insignificant. You can avoid putting yourself in harm’s way by entrusting the process to our seasoned roof cleaning professionals. We’re glad to take on these risks in your stead, as it ensures you’re protected from harm.

Extending Roof Lifespans

Generally speaking, roofs that have regular, frequent roof cleaning interventions have longer lifespans than those that do not get such treatment. We’ve already mentioned how dirt and moss can damage your roof, so this shouldn’t come as a surprise. By making sure that you have these services carried out on a consistent basis, you’ll be doing your utmost to keep your roof in a ‘like-new’ condition for as long as possible. This is certainly the best way to make the most of your initial investment.

Service Quality

Once you’ve made the decision to have a roof cleaning and moss removal company work on your roof, it’s important to choose a team that has a rock-solid service history – and that’s where we come in. We’ve demonstrated that we’re absolutely capable of cleaning any kind of roof, that we won’t miss any spots or areas of concern, and that we’ll deliver our services at an unbelievable price point.

2. Roof Coatings Bromley

roof coatings bromley

Any property owner should understand how critically important it is that you give your roof all of the maintenance and protection possible to ensure it retains its good health. After all, your roof is your property’s principal defence against outside forces, and if it falls into a state of disrepair, the rest of your property could really suffer. This could mean anything from leaks that cause damage to your interior walls, to substantial damage to your foundation. One of the ways that you can give extra protection to your roof is through the application of roof coatings. At Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Bromley, we’re proud to provide a roof coatings service as a means to keep our customers’ roofs in a strong and stable condition. To find out more about the advantages of using a service like this, read on below.

What Are Roof Coatings?

Before we dive into the details regarding the advantages of using a roof coating at your property, it’s important that we explain exactly what a roof coating is. In simple terms, a roof coating is a physical application of material that gives additional protection against outside forces – which are usually weather-related, like wind, rain, snow, and sun. These coatings can be made from a broad range of substances, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Roof coatings can be applied to a wide array of roof structures and varieties, and you can expect the same quality outcome regardless.

Coating Varieties

So, what exactly are the different roof coating varieties, and which one should you choose to go with? The most common options on the market are composed of silicone, acrylic, or polyurethane, but there are many other varieties that might be of interest to you. The roof tile coatings you choose will ultimately come down to two things – your budget, and the physical circumstances present at your property. We’d be happy to advise you on how you might want to proceed to ensure you’re getting the best choice.

Broad Resistance

We’ve spoken a little about how roof coatings can protect your property from harm, but what are the specific forces that they are intended to control? One unsurprising threat is water and moisture – a hazard that many people are familiar with when it comes to roofs. Of course, roof coatings also protect against UV exposure, which causes damage and decay, as well as rusting and rot (depending on your roof material of choice). That kind of varied resistance is invaluable to a roof that is dealing with an array of pressures so consistently.

Enduring Protection

You might be wondering about how long the protective quality of a roof coating is going to last, and that’s a good question – since protective applications like this are rarely permanent. Fortunately, we have good news for you! Most roof coatings are expected to sustain protective qualities for 10 years or more before seeing a decline. Given the relatively small upfront cost, pressing ahead with this service seems like an obvious choice.

3. Patio & Driveway Cleaning Bromley

Patio & Driveway Cleaning Bromley

At Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Bromley, the majority of our services are aimed at providing our customers with high-quality roof cleaning and roof moss removal services, and this is something that we excel at – but we’re also capable of helping you look after the other exterior parts of your property. In the past, we’ve assisted plenty of customers by providing affordable and reliable patio cleaning and driveway cleaning services – and they’ve only ever had positive things to say about their service experiences with us. There are a number of persuasive reasons to consider using a service like this, and for choosing to place your trust in our team as well. If you’re looking for more information, just read on below – additionally, if you have any questions that you want to be answered, our customer service team is available over the telephone.

First Impressions Matter

One of the principal reasons that our previous customers have made the decision to invest in our driveway cleaning service is that they’re concerned about the curb appeal of their property. The fact is that the driveway is going to be the first thing that visitors at your property see when they come to visit. If you’re particularly house proud, or you’re thinking about selling your property either now or in the future, the look of your driveway could be a significant factor. Our driveway cleaning team will make sure that it looks as good as new, regardless of the level of decay or deterioration currently present.

Making Investments Last

If you’ve installed a driveway or patio at your property, you’ll surely already be aware that these are not insignificant investments – the fact is, you could be spending a huge amount of money to get them to put in. With that being the case, it only stands to reason that you’d do everything you can to make the most of that outlay. By investing in patio cleaning and driveway cleaning, you’re reducing the chance that damage and decay take place, and extending the lifespan of the installation.

Protective Management

One of the primary reasons to look at a driveway and patio cleaning service is that you’re going to be able to avoid the major repair issues that often come about with neglected installations. We’ve already spoken about how this is going to save you money, but the benefits don’t end there. If you have a patio or driveway in a state of disrepair, it’ll become unusable for a period of time while the repair is being carried out. This period can be stress-inducing, and a real practical headache – especially with a driveway. With protective, proactive management, you can make sure you avoid this situation.

Quality Service Delivery

If you want to arrange an appointment for a driveway or patio cleaning service, but you simply don’t know when you’ll be able to find the time, don’t panic – we offer flexible scheduling to make life easier on you! Alongside our affordable pricing and technical proficiency, you’re getting a package that simply can’t be beaten!

4. Exterior Wall Coatings, Masonry Coatings and House Painting Bromley

Exterior Wall Coatings Bromley

So, just lately, you’ve noticed that the paint’s starting to flake and peel in a few places on the external walls of your home in Bromley. You might be wondering how to seal flaking paint on walls? Or how to fix paint peeling on exterior walls?

Maybe you’ve started to notice that the paint job that was carried out not that long ago (although time flies!) is looking a bit dull or starting to fade. And all that green stuff covering parts of the wall on the Northside, “I’ll have to find something to clean that off without taking the paint with it!”

It could be that you’ve noticed that your heating bill seems to be getting very expensive (45% of all heat loss is through the walls of your house) Maybe the rooms are cooling down quickly?

You are literally losing money through your walls!

You start to think that maybe the brickwork or the render needs attention, that could be the reason why the paints flaking and peeling?

So you’re doing your research and you’ve landed here – good move – Google thought so too!

You either spoke or typed in:

  • “how to fix peeling paint on brick – Bromley”
  • “how to repair paint peeling on walls – Bromley”
  • “wall coating companies near me”
  • “waterproof exterior masonry paint Bromley”
  • “wall coating companies Bromley area”
  • or something like that.

Here’s what we don’t do: Babble on about how good we are at applying protective wall coatings to exterior walls on houses in Bromley or any of the other areas that we cover in the list on this page.

That’s not what you want to read and anyway, if you’d like to know, we’ll put you in touch with homeowners that we have completed work for – the proof is in the pudding as they say! (We love an idiom by the way.)

But here’s what we will babble on about… Properla Wall Coatings.

proPERLA wall coatings bromley

What Exactly Are Properla Wall Coatings?

Properla is an evolutionary wall coating, that creates a thermal radiant barrier, insulating the walls of your home.

This vastly reduces the heat loss through your walls, cutting the energy you use and in turn reducing your fuel bills.

It is a fully permeable and therefore breathable system.

  • It will waterproof the external substrate and shut out water and moisture from entering.
  • This action will in turn create a dry building and eliminate penetrating damp.
  • You have choice of a clear finish or colour pigmented.
  • Its life expectancy is 20 years. No more painting for that long!

Properla has been independently tested and certified to perform to EN ISO 15148.
This is a direct equivalent to BS (British Standard) EN ISO 15148 (hygrothermal performance of building materials). Hygrothermal performance is the combination of moisture (in masonry walls) and heat (loss through building surfaces).

Exterior Wall Coatings With Proven Performance

A Picture Paints A 1000 Words – Here’s A Short Video That Sums Up All Of The Above…

Here’s What To Do Next…

…either carry on reading and/or pop your contact details into the form on this page and we’ll get back to you really quick. Or whip your phone out now and call 01689 661 158 Ronnie usually answers, you’ll like him!

At Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Bromley, we’re concerned with keeping the entirety of your property in a good condition – which is why we offer services beyond roof cleaning and roof moss removal. One such service is the wall coatings provision – and this is something that we’ve been carrying out for our customers over a very long period of time. Many people mistakenly believe that exterior property walls can put up with any amount of elemental pressure, but that’s not the case. It’s critical that you give enough protection and maintenance to your property’s exterior to reduce the likelihood of damage and deterioration. Make no mistake, this is exactly the kind of issue that you need to be proactive about to avoid tears later down the line. More information on this service can be found just below, or via our customer service team.

The Full Process

Some people might think that when they bring in a wall coatings service like ours, we’ll simply come in and apply the coating of your choice and that’ll be it – but that’s not true. For a wall coating like this to be truly effective, it’s necessary to adequately prepare the walls in question. For most situations, that means cleaning all of the walls and scrubbing them down vigorously. Without any marks or blemishes on the wall, you can feel assured that the coating is going to be of the highest quality.

Added Protection

wall coatings bromley

So, why would you make the effort to have a wall coating applied at your property in the first place? Well, the primary reason that you ought to look into this process is that it’s going to afford additional protection to your walls. The coatings are excellent at stopping water damage and moisture infiltration – and considering the threat that water possesses, this is no small benefit. Wall coatings will also give extra protection against UV damage and decay, fading and discolouration, and even rot and pest infiltration. Needless to say, you’ve got your bases covered once this application is finished.

A Chance for New Styles

Many people use the application of a wall coating as an opportunity for a new look for their property. This might be because you’re sick and tired of your property’s existing aesthetic, or it could be that you just fancy a change-up. Whatever the reason, this is an excellent way to complete the process. Of course, even if you go with the existing colour, the application is going to have a rejuvenating effect on your property’s visual performance.

Property Coverage

At Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Bromley, we don’t just supply high-quality wall coatings – as you’d expect, we’re also capable of carrying out roof coatings too, amongst other services. If you’d like, we can manage the entirety of your property’s exterior surfaces in one comprehensive process. Obviously, if you’d prefer us to just target one area, we’re equally happy doing things that way too. You’re not going to find another service in the area with such a broad and adaptable range of services.

Contact Our Team Today

There’s no better roof cleaning or moss removal company in the Bromley area, and to get access to our service packages, you just need to call our customer service team. They’re available on our main telephone number during regular working hours, or via our online contact form outside of those hours. Both contact points are found on our company website. Speak to them for more information on our services, prices, and the availability of our teams.

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***Many of our moss removal from roof customer’s call us in before they install their solar panel system. We have a special arrangement with Solar Panel Installers UK, who love working on moss free roofs! Preferential pricing is included also. Click here to contact them (opens in another window)and tell them that you came through this site. If they install your solar system, you’ll get a  great price!***