Moss Removal From Roof Canterbury.

Are you looking for professional roof cleaning, roof moss removal & roof tile coatings in Canterbury, Kent?

Moss removal from your roof & roof moss clearance. Our two man teams are trained roofers - call the trusted experts for your quotation.

Moss Removal From Your Roof Is a Preventative Measure.

***Many of our moss removal from roof customer’s call us in before they install their solar panel system. We have a special arrangement with Solar Panel Installers UK, who love working on moss free roofs! Preferential pricing is included also. Click here to contact them (opens in another window)and tell them that you came through this site. If they install your solar system, you’ll get a  great price!***

Before you contact us to arrange your free quote for our moss removal from roof service Canterbury, roof moss clearance or clear or colour-pigmented protective roof tile coatings,  be sure to open the roof-configurator tab first so that when we’re talking about stopping the moss coming back onto the roof tiles of your home in the Canterbury area for a ten year guaranteed period (after we have completed the preparation – the moss removal form your roof), you’ll understand better how we’re able to make that claim.

During our conversation you’ll begin to realise that not only do we extend the life of your very important roof-tiles by retarding the erosion of them caused by the erratic UK weather but you now have the opportunity to give your home a completely new look, a fresh look with real kerb appeal!

When we’re talking on the phone, ask us as many questions as you like about our moss removal from your roof service, including the price ( a site visit is actually the best and most accurate way to provide you with your quotation.)

Before you call us, take a good look around this page as the information has been produced from our experiences within the moss removal from roof and roof moss clearance since 1995.

When we come out to see you, it’s all business – no waffle and definitely no hard-sale tactics. Just really good information and a competitive price.

There are a couple of services that we offer which we’ve certainly already referenced at this point. As we’ve mentioned we’re going to be able to help with the moss removal from your roof. If you have an existing roof that you would like us to carry out our roof moss clearance process we can also help you out. We’ll be able to do this even if we were not the ones that installed the roof in the first place. Roofs are not the only part of a building that we work in. You can also call us about patio or driveway cleaning. As well as all-around help with wall coatings.


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What our customers say
Marshall Griffin
Marshall Griffin
February 6
My driveway looks better now than when it was laid 7 years ago. The sealer that you applied looks fabulous! Thank you for a clean, stress free and affordable job.
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Rakesh Jain
Rakesh Jain
January 30
We had our exterior walls cleaned and sprayed with a special coating, as I was forever scraping and touching up the old paint as it peeled off. We used roof cleaning Canterbury for the work as around 6 years ago, they cleaned and coloured our roof tiles which still look great and moss free! Thank you again – we will be recommending you to our friends and family.
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Posted on
Ethan Brown
Ethan Brown
January 13
We added an extension to our home and the roof tiles were a totally different colour to the original. Roof cleaning Canterbury, removed all of the moss from the old roof tiles and then sprayed the whole roof with a blue/black protective coating. We could not be happier! It looks so good. Thank you Charlie and Lenny – you are a credit to the company.
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1. Moss Removal From Your Roof Tiles.

roof cleaning moss removal canterbury

The way that we carry out our moss removal from roof process or as some ask us for, our, roof moss clearance system, is going to vary depending on the type of roof that we are working on as well as its current condition. If the cleaning is being done with a heavy focus on moss removal from your roof, then we need to make sure that we apply a solution that is meant to kill off the moss and the weeds that could be growing within your roof tiles. We want to talk about some of the processes that we apply. To make sure that you can get a good idea of what you can expect if you ultimately decide to book our moss removal from roof services.

Roof Inspection

A lot of times you may not even have a clear idea as to why you want a moss removal from roof service carried out. Maybe you want to make sure that all of the debris and junk that is up there can be removed, so as took better or there maybe a leak?

If you don’t have a clear idea of what you may be looking to do, what we can do is get up on the roof and do an inspection of the area. Once we do that we’ll come down and let you know what we feel the best cleaning procedure could be. Usually, we’ll remove all of the debris that we see that can be removed by hand if you will. Once we do that we can then proceed to the actual cleaning.

You Don’t Have To Have Moss To Get Your Roof Cleaned

With the amount of rain that we get, it sometimes feels unnecessary to clean your roof. The thing is trapped rainwater along with dirt and other types of things is exactly what’s going to cause moss to grow and develop. You don’t have to have moss to be able to give us a call though. Actually cleaning the roof regularly is meant to be able to help stop the spread of fungus in general.


How Often Should You Be Concerned With Roof-Tile Cleaning?

With the amount of debris that your roof can pick up as well as how quickly mould can build up, it would be a good idea to inspect your roof maybe every 3 or 4 months. Maybe the cleaning procedures could change a bit throughout the year. If we’re getting a lot of rain those days then making the cleaning service extra wet doesn’t make a lot of sense. Still, cleaning regularly or removing unwanted debris can go a long way.

Proper Roof Cleaning Methods

We’re not going to be pressure washing most types of roofs. We’re typically going to be using medium to lower-tier water pressure. When we’re dealing with moss we rely a lot on the solutions that we apply for the removal. We need to make sure that we let that solution sit so that it can penetrate deep into the moss. Then what we’re going to do is just remove as much of the loose debris as we can. Of course, the way that we ultimately do your cleaning will depend on different independent factors.

2. Roof Coatings Canterbury

roof coatings canterbury

With the amount of rain that we get around here, it’s obviously a major need to ensure that your roof is properly waterproofed. One of the main problems that we see in this regard is that people will go out and find just any type of waterproofing coating and want to apply it to their roof and hope for the best. Naturally, not all roofs are going to require the exact same type of coating or will hold up with the same coating for years. Do you know what actually works best for your roof?

Why You Should Be Thinking About A Roof Coating

Many times people come to us with a need for a roof coating only after they start seeing moisture spots throughout their home. In those cases, you’re certainly going to need to waterproof the area and then go on ahead and repair all of the effects of the moisture problems that you’ve been having. Ideally, this is meant to be a preventive service though. Making sure that your roof is properly waterproofed is something that you should certainly keep tabs on.

How Often Do I Need To Coat The Roof?

That’s going to depend on the type of roof that you have and the type of waterproofing method that you happen to be using. Tile roofs for example can at times hold up well without needing to recoat the roof for waterproofing. That doesn’t mean that you can just leave the roof be and hope for the best outcome. If you’re not even sure when your roof was last waterproofed it could be a good idea to give us a call. We’ll come in and inspect your entire roofing structure. Once we do that, we’ll be able to come with a schedule and a way to ensure that your roof won’t have any problems moving forward.

Do Tiles Need To Be Coated?

While some tiles are meant to be able to hold up and repel moisture as best as they can, giving them a hand from time to time may not be a bad idea. That being said, this is a process that has to be done with extreme care to ensure that we are working with the tiles accordingly and mostly so we don’t run the risk of breaking any tiles. If you want to know more about this particular service be sure to give us a call. Click here for the interactive model.

Best Time of Year For Something Like This

If you can find a couple of days out of the year where it’s not going to be raining those can be the days that work perfectly for us. We know that we get a lot of rain out here. Therefore, it can actually seem hard to find those couple of days in a row where we’re not going to be getting any rain. Most of the seals that we use nowadays are going to dry and settle in much faster than they did in older days. We need a little less time than we used to.

Roof Tile Cleaning & Sealing Will Extend The Life Of Them As Well As Increase The “Perceived” Value Of Your Home.

Both the walls and the roof tiles of this house in Canterbury, Kent, were covered in moss, algae and lichens. The owners felt that these organisms gave the property an older appearance and that’s not what they wanted!

They also complained of cold spots in certain parts of their home, these areas also had black mould on the internal walls.

Both the roof and the walls were thoroughly cleaned to remove all of the detritus and repairs were made where necessary.

This was followed by the application of our water-proofing and protective coatings, the roof in Anthracite Grey and the walls in White. The wall coatings will increase the thermal efficiency of their home and prevent the black mould from returning.

roof coating canterbury

We mix years of experience together with the very best equipment.

If you’re reading this then the chances are you’re considering cleaning the moss, lichen and all sorts of other detritus from your roof tiles?

Well, you’re in good company, we’ve been cleaning roofs and removing moss from roof tiles since 1995.

But…not just cleaning roofs. This is a good time for me to chat with you about how after 25 plus years of spraying by airless spray equipment our proven, tried and tested, German, clear or colour-pigmented protective coatings and how your current, moss-covered, dirty and tired looking roof, will look like a brand new one for a fraction of the cost.

I liken the application of these outstanding coatings as similar to protecting the bodywork of your car.

We wash our cars regularly ourselves or we take them to a carwash.

At some point, we’ll notice that the paintwork is starting to look dull and will then, at some point, either apply the polish and buff it ourselves or again, pay for someone else to do it. Why polish it?

Well, it will certainly look better, rainwater will bead and run off very quickly and bird droppings or tree sap will no longer begin to “eat away” at your paintwork.

We do this to something that devalues every time we start it up (in most cases).

Your home (your castle) over time, just does the opposite!

I’m really happy that you’re considering roof cleaning and would welcome the opportunity to provide a free quotation for you. If you like and at the same time we can provide a quotation for protecting your now very clean roof (but not protected) from the elements.

I’m not going to talk “over your head” about the technical specifications and processes of these stunning protective coatings, but know this:

Once we have cleaned and removed the moss, lichen, and algae from your roof tiles and before the application of either a clear or coloured protective coating, our expert contractor will put a new tip into his spray gun.

We only use the market leader for our tips. Graco tips are made out of the highest grade of tungsten carbide, the most abrasive-resistant material used in the manufacturing of airless spray tips.

All spray tips will wear with normal use. All coatings contain solids that are abrasive — some more than others. Using a worn tip will result in a patchy finish, because when a tip wears the size of the tip orifice increases and the fan width decreases. This forces more passes to cover the surface leading to an interruption in the optimum delivery pattern.

Combining the correct Graco spray tip with our gun plays a big role in helping us create the professional finish your roof coating job demands. Not only does the tip determine how much fluid will leave the gun when our contractor pulls the trigger, the spray tip also determines how wide a spray fan the gun will create.

Our contractor is also watching the tip for any signs of “clogging”

We only use Graco’s reversible tips. With a reversible tip, he can easily clear tip clogs by simply turning the tip 180 degrees to the clean position and then triggering the sprayer.

3. Patio & Driveway Cleaning Canterbury

patio & driveway cleaning canterbury

Not all of the work that we do is going to involve roofs. As we do with roofs do with driveways and patios we want to make sure that if we need to remove moss we do it accordingly. Applying a solution to ensure that we’re able to eliminate the moss. What we don’t want to do is come in with a high powered hose and just spray the area with a bunch of water and just call that cleaning. You can be sure that we’ll be applying methods that have been proven to be effective time and time again.

How We Go About Providing These Services

As we mentioned if we’re removing moss we are not going to be doing the same things that we would if we’re just removing dirt. That’s the first thing that we have to think about. If we’re removing moss we want to apply a solution to kill off the moss. When we’re doing that we want to be very careful to make sure that we don’t get those chemicals into grass or other plants that could be negatively affected by them. Usually, we’re going to use light to medium water pressure to rinse off the area.

What Are The Benefits Of These Cleaning Services?

Obviously, removing moss is important. At the same time, we can remove all of the dirt and debris build-ups that you can have. When we do this the right way we’ll be able to see the original colours and texture of the surface come back to the forefront. When you just allow patios and driveways to remain exposed to the elements without any type of car you don’t only get moss you get dirt build-up and the original texture of the surface tends to fade away.

How Often Should You Clean These Areas?

While maybe moisture problems are not something that’s going to be overly concerning with these surfaces, you can get a lot of dirt and even moss build up. Deep cleaning these areas is going to allow them to stand out, walking and driving on them is going to be much more comfortable when they’re clean. Knowing that deep cleaning them maybe 3 or 4 times a year can assure you that they stay in decent shape. As we mentioned with some of our other services a lot of times it’s hard to justify cleaning something when it’s raining constantly. That is though, one of the main reasons why moss builds up.

Why You Should Choose Us Over Other Cleaning Companies

The way that we clean really makes all of the difference especially when there is moss or mould present. We are not just going to come in and start spraying water all over the place and call that effective cleaning. This is certainly a process to what we do. We keep these procedures to make sure that we can do an effective job every single time out.

4. Exterior Wall Render Cleaning & Coating Canterbury

wall coatings canterbury

In all of the services that we provide our main goal is to ensure that the surface is going to be able to hold up against moisture issues. Obviously, we want to take steps to make sure that we’re keeping moss growth to a minimum. With wall coatings, we worry about all of that, while at the same time helping you create a unique design for your home exterior. If you need a simple repainting job we’ll certainly be able to provide that for you. If you have a particular design in mind though and want to ensure that your home’s walls stand out we can also help you in that regard as well.

Not Just About Re-painting

You can get just about anyone to repaint a wall and they can do a decent job. That’s not all that we are offering here. If you want to add texture to the wall we can get that done for you. If you want to make sure that a particular type of wall doesn’t lose its original texture in the process that is also something that we’re going to be able to take into account. In short, we want people to feel like they can tell us exactly what type of result they are looking for. That way we can just come in and execute.

Choosing The Right Type of Coating

It’s not just in roofs that we’re going to want to make sure moisture doesn’t pierce through. Over time the presence of moisture in walls can literally tear down even hard surfaces. Adding paint or particular waterproofing coats of thicker paint will certainly help these walls hold up against the elements. We’re going to be able to help you not only apply each coating but make sure that we are using the right type of paint and the right coats to cover each particular area.

How Often Should You Think About Wall Recoating?

Depends really on the type of wall and the exposure that this wall is getting to the elements. A lot of times certain walls are going to look worn down in just a couple of months even. When that’s the case the problem may be that the coating didn’t settle correctly on the wall you may be were using cheap materials. As with anything, there are many variables that you would need to consider. Don’t think that because you just got it done that you’re going to be safe. If you start seeing signs of wear on the surface give us a call.

Indoors & Outdoor Projects

While we mostly handle outdoor projects because of the nature of our business, that doesn’t mean that we are not going to be capable of offering services indoors. Moisture issues are not exclusive to outdoor facing walls. Of course, the cause of trouble indoors and outdoors could vary. In any case, you can rest assured that we’ll be able to help you find the proper wall coating to match your needs.

Exterior Wall Coatings With Proven Performance

proPERLA wall coating canterbury

proPERLA is a revolutionary masonry corrosion inhibitor and insulator created exclusively for the construction industry. This ground-breaking technology penetrates deep into any substrate and coats it with a barrier that lasts long-term, protecting against water absorption by more than 95%.

It has been developed by scientists, engineers, technicians, fact finders, inspectors and certified to EN ISO 15148:2002. Your best choice in insulation cream protection for property owners wanting the highest quality.

Contact Us For More Information

Are you interested in any of the services that we provide? Give us a call or contact us and we’ll be able to clear up any doubts that you may have about our services. That way whenever you book any of them you’ll know exactly what you can expect from us.