Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Deal

Putting your head down at night and knowing that no matter what happens the roof above you and walls around you will provide you with the warmth and safety you deserve. This is precisely what we offer when you choose one of our unique roofing or walling services. Not to mention ensuring that it looks aesthetically pleasing and fits in perfectly with the overall look and feel of your home or business.

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At Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Deal, we are not about trying to convince you that we do things so differently, that’s why you have to choose us. Instead, we prefer to show you our intentions through our actions and quality of work. We believe that this is what counts. Being able to ensure that we give you what you want when you want it, no matter what the task may be. So get in touch today and allow us to show you that we are what you have been looking for all along.

1. Roof Cleaning & Moss Removal Deal

Roof Cleaning Moss Removal Deal

These features are often the forgotten elements in our homes and businesses. Many people tend to forget that these crucial solutions are essentially the only reason you and your family or business stay nice and dry, not to mention warm. Of course, you already know that we are talking about your roof. At Roof Cleaning And Moss Removal, we can tackle any maintenance and cleaning job you may have with the confidence that comes with many years of experience. So take a look at what we have to offer and let us get that roof back to its original best.

Moss Removal

As we are sure that you are acutely aware, with our muggy and damp climate, moss build-up can be a real problem that can cause serious damage to your home or business. While we do recommend that you only call us when a fair amount has enveloped your roof, this is a careful balancing act and we should always be contacted first to inspect the situation. Our wide range of solutions will ensure your roof is moss free and we will be extra careful to ensure we do not damage the surface of the roof. So pick up the phone today to find out more.


Depending on the material your roof has been constructed out of, there is a raft of advantages to having it cleaned regularly. Generally, this solution will ensure your roof does not get damaged or lose its luster. This will in turn increase the overall lifespan of your roof. Ensuring you get many more years of use out of it. Regular cleaning will also allow us to spot any potential future issues and we can then attend to them before they worsen. To find out more about the advantages of having your roof regularly cleaned, give us a call today.


This is by far one of the most important aspects when it comes to choosing the right solution for you and your roof. It is crucial to remember that different roofing materials require different cleaning methods. This ensures two important things. One, the job is done correctly and two, no damage is caused to the roofing surface itself. So no matter what material your roof may encompass, we can promise you that we have just the right cleaning solution to ensure that you get precisely what you need. So give us a call today, our experts are standing by to take your call.

Safety Is Key

One aspect we will never waiver on is safety. Our record speaks for itself and we intend on keeping it like that for many years to come. Firstly, we are fully insured should the unthinkable occur. We take the safety of not just our employees into account, but also that of our clients and their properties. By doubling up on everything we can provide our clients with peace of mind that their property is in safe hands. Now to experience this for yourself, we encourage you to pick up the phone today. Let us show you how perfection can be achieved safely and securely.

2. Roof Coatings Deal

Roof Coatings Deal

The best way to think about roof coatings is to think of them as a membrane for your roof. Very much the same idea as a chicken egg. As all our roof coating solutions are elastomeric, which means they can stretch and return to normal without causing damage or being damaged, our clients both commercial and residential are assured that they will only be getting the best. So let us start the journey together and see what we can do to help you today. Our experts are ready and waiting to answer all your questions today in a professional and friendly manner.

Why Do You Need It?

Many people are under the impression that a professionally completed roof coating is all about waterproofing. Nothing could be further from the truth. The most important reason for roof coating is its ability to protect your home from the harshness of the sun’s UV rays. It can reflect these rays, thus reducing the impact it has on the overall temperature of your home or business. This in essence starts to save you money as the cost of keeping your space cool will be reduced. So if you want to start saving money today, get in touch immediately.

Decorate Away

Our clients and the general public for some reason do not seem to know that roof coatings can also be used for decorative purposes if applied correctly. It has the uncanny ability to turn even the worst looking roof into something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. We can ensure that it matches your home or business’s overall decor due to our extremely wide range of coating solutions. Now stop what you are doing and pick up the phone, let us help you get your roof into tip-top shape in no time. We promise you will not be disappointed.

Does It Stop Leaks?

By far the most important role that a silicone-based coating will play is to provide your roof with an excellent level of protection against leaks. It waterproofs your entire roof, only if it is done correctly though. This holistic approach ensures that we don’t have to go around searching for leaks or damaged areas, we simply cover the entire surface just to be safe. No matter what type of roof your home or business may have, we can certainly guarantee that we have just the coating to suit your specific need.

How Long Will It Last?

As this is one of the first questions we are asked when our clients enquire about our roof coating solutions, we are always careful to tell them that it would depend on a few factors. The two biggest determining factors are the weather and the thickness of the coating that has been applied. The rule of thumb is that our high-quality roof coating solutions will last anywhere between 8 and 1O years depending on external factors and how often you call on us for maintenance inspections. To find out more about this unique service, you know what you have to do.

3. Patio & Driveway Cleaning Deal

Patio & Driveway Cleaning Deal

While we are primarily a roofing company at heart, we have decided to widen our horizons and branch out the number of services we offer. Partly because we want to offer our clients a more holistic approach, and partly because we are tired of being asked if we offer these services. So to keep everyone happy, we developed a wide range of unique patio and driveway services to ensure that no matter what type of patio or driveway you may have, we have the right solution for you. So let us have a look below to find out a little bit more.

Relaxation Through Order

This may not make much sense just yet but bear with us. We all know keeping things dirt free, clean and in order has a positive effect on your overall mental state. Having a spotless driveway or patio will undoubtedly play a role in this positive mindset. Your driveway is the first thing you see when you leave in the morning and come home at night. Whilst your patio is a space for you to relax and reflect, so they must always look their best. So give us a call today and let us help you achieve your ultimate level of zen.

Increases Value And Overall Appeal

By keeping your patio and driveway in tip-top condition you will not only add heaps of value to the overall price of your space, but it will also keep the neighbours happy. As we are all aware that first impressions count, we are sure you want to keep the thing looking its best no matter what. You will also be setting an example that your neighbours and friends will want to follow as a prime example. So give us a call today and one of our experts will be more than happy to design the perfect solution to add value to you and your home.


As with any regular cleaning or maintenance routine, the ultimate goal is to ensure that your driveway and patio’s surface is always looking its best no matter what materials were used. Our wide range of high quality and professionally executed maintenance routines can increase safety, eliminate stains, improve curb and overall appeal whilst giving you a cost-effective, environmentally friendly solution. So put your trust in us today and we promise we will not let you down. Our highly trained experts are always ready and willing to go the extra mile, no matter what the task may be.


This is unfortunately where many clients and professionals go wrong. They tend to think that it is one size fits all when it comes to cleaning your patio or driveway. Luckily not everything is lost. Here at Roof Cleaning And Moss Removal Deal, we have developed such a wide range of specialized techniques to ensure that no matter what material your driveway or patio is made of, it will get the maintenance routine it deserves. We are yet to be challenged with a project we have not nailed. Now put us to the test today and let us help you get your driveway and patio looking its best again.

4. Exterior Wall Cleaning & Coating Deal

Wall Coatings Deal

This is just another example of us deciding to get more done while we are with you. Many clients would ask us if we could attend to their walls whilst we complete the roof. Eventually, we decided to add it as part of our unique service offerings. These coatings are used mainly for two purposes. Firstly it provides protective layers to your walls whilst still allowing you to decorate according to your specific style. Now to find out more about this amazing service, we encourage you to have a look below and let us get you sorted.

Exterior Coatings

We understand that you want the outside of your home or business to look just as good as the inside does. Well, the first place to start would be with your exterior wall coating. By completing this service, we can provide your space with a level of protection against wind chill, wall dampness, and everything in between. This will also ultimately contribute to keeping your home more secure, thus eventually reducing your utility bills. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, get in touch today and watch the magic happen. You will not be disappointed.


By far the most important advantage offered by this solution is the defence it provides against damp entering your home or business. This can cause major structural damage and eventually pose a real danger. Besides this, a professionally completed coating job will also help fight mould and algae, cover those unsightly cracks, and will help add value to your space. Simply put, the advantages offered by this service simply makes it a must in every home and business. So give us a call today and our friendly experts will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

Variety Is Key

From the beginning we understood that to meet our client’s individual needs, we would need to offer them an unrivalled level of variety. This allows our clients to pick and choose according to their individual needs. Essentially, they are then assured that their solution is unique and will ultimately match their individual decor needs. So no matter what you may be looking for, be it interior or exterior wall coatings, you can rest assured that we have just the right solution to suit your every need. No matter what they may be. So call us today to find out more.

How Long Will It Last?

The answer to this question will ultimately be determined by a few factors. These mainly consist of the weather, climate, and general wear and tear that they may experience. One also needs to consider the condition of the wall being coated. Rule of thumb tells us that an interior coating solution will last anywhere between 5 and 1O years, whilst an exterior solution should last anywhere between 4 and 8 years depending. Now to discover more about this unique solution, pick up the phone and give us a call today. We promise your exterior and interior walls will never have looked better.

Exterior Wall Coatings With Proven Performance

proPERLA’s exterior wall coatings have super-hydrophobic capabilities. Mould, lichens and other microorganisms will not be able to gain a hold on your walls anymore.

Your exterior walls will remain dry, and moisture is not able to ingress. Your cavity wall insulation will remain effective as it will stay dry, and your masonry surfaces will not age as they would normally. 

The exterior walls of buildings treated with proPERLA’s protective colour-pigmented coatings will protect and enhance the walls of your home for many, many years to come.

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