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Moss Removal From Roof, Sheerness - Roof Moss Clearance, Sheerness.

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Before you contact us to arrange your free quote for moss removal from roof Sheerness or roof moss clearance Sheerness., be sure to open the roof-configurator tab first so that when we’re talking to you about stopping the moss coming back onto your roof tiles for a ten year guaranteed period, you’ll understand better how we’re able to make that claim.

During our conversation you’ll begin to realise that not only do we extend the life of your very important roof-tiles by carrying out our moss removal from roof service. retarding the erosion of them caused by the erratic UK weather but you now have the opportunity to give your home a completely new look!

When we’re talking on the phone, ask us as many questions as you like regarding our moss removal from roof service, including the price ( a site visit is actually the best and most accurate way to provide you with your quotation.)


Before you call us, take a good look around this page as the information has been produced from our many moss removal from roof experiences since 1995.

When we come out to see you, it’s all business – no waffle and definitely no hard-sale tactics. Just really good information and a competitive price.

Our selection of roof care services provides all that you need to protect your roof and roof paint. Our moss removal from roof service is designed to remove roof moss, mould and other harmful bacteria so that your roof is protected from the damage that it can do. Of all the roof moss removal companies around, we are the one you can trust to do the best job. That’s because we have extensive experience when it comes to this delicate job. Beyond moss removal from roof, our service also provides expertise in wall coatings, driveway and patio cleaning and even roofing configuration.

1. Moss Removal From Roof, Sheerness

If you want your roof to last, you really need to look after it in the right way. It’s simple. One important part of proper roof care is regular cleaning. Moss removal from roof service can help to remove a lot of the harmful things, like bacteria, dirt, mould and even moss, which can begin to build up on your roof over the years. Cleaning your roof not only keeps it looking great but also helps to prevent a range of other issues, including preventing your roof from experiencing any premature wear and tear. This is why moss removal from roof is so important and something you should have done regularly.

Roof Cleaning

Moss removal from roof is one of the major home care services that we focus on providing. Our “moss removal from roof near me” service is an effective and affordable way to make sure that your roof is truly clean. The outdoor setting is rarely kind to your roof. It’s a surface where a lot of bacteria, dust and dirt can end up gathering, which can cause a range of issues. With our moss removal from roof service, including our spray applied protective coating services, we can help to keep your roof clean and make sure that it always looks its very best.

Prevent Damage

Your roof is one surface that can experience a lot of problems with bacteria growth. Over time, things like algae, mould and even moss can begin to take over your roof. Why is this a problem? Well, aside from really ruining the appeal of your roof, many of these types of bacteria, in particular algae, can eat away at the material of your roof and actually cause premature wear and tear, and ultimately damage. moss removal from roof can help to prevent such damage and make sure that it lasts longer. So, cleaning is an important part of getting long term value.

Protect Curb Appeal

Whilst also having practical benefits, one of the biggest reasons why cleaning your roof clean matters is that it’s important for the curb appeal of your home. Obviously, the roof of your home makes up a big part of its curb appeal. As such, it is covered in moss, mould, algae, dirt or anything else unsightly this can really take all the focus away from the features of your home that you have worked hard on, and really want to accentuate. A clean roof can really complete the curb appeal of your home, and keep it looking its best.

Roof Moss Removal

Moss removal from roof is also something that our cleaning service is well versed in. Roof moss removal is one job that really needs to be left to the professionals. This is because, without proper care, such removal work could do additional damage to your roof. We are the quality moss removal company that knows how to get the right result so that your roof will look its best and won’t have to suffer any long term damage.

2. Roof Coatings Sheerness

Roof Coatings Sheerness

One of the major concerns many people have when it comes to their roof is how to get it to last. There’s quite a lot of long term wear and tear that your roof can experience as a result of constant exposure to the outdoor elements, after all. Giving your roof some measure of protection against this can help you get more long term value out of it. This is one of the benefits that come with a roof coating. A coating can give you some additional protection, as well as providing many other great benefits as well.

Roof Coatings

Our ability to help maintain your roof doesn’t end with moss removal from roof. Our team can also apply roof coatings too. Roof coatings are a great long term investment as they can help to protect your roof and offer real savings in a number of different ways. This includes the fact that they can help to make your home more energy-efficient. Our team can apply a range of roofing coatings, including tile roof coatings, suitable for almost all kinds of roofing. So, whatever roofing option you have, we can provide the coating needed to protect it.


Your roof has to face constant exposure to some pretty harsh conditions, which can result in serious wear and tear over time. A roof coating is one option that you have if you are looking to give your roof an extra level of protection, which can help to increase the overall lifespan of your roof. Certain kinds of coatings can even help to prevent leaks, as they add an extra layer. This not only reduces the chances of leaks and water damage but can also help to reduce the chances of many of the issues that water damage can cause, such as mould and mildew growth.

Better Value

Long term, applying a coating to your roof can be one way to get better value and really save money. Firstly, as mentioned above, a coating offers your roof increased protection and prevents certain kinds of problems or damage, meaning that the need for repair, maintenance or even replacement is reduced, which can help to keep more money in your pocket. More than that, however, coatings also have the benefit of making your home more energy-efficient, which can help to reduce your year-round energy consumption, and thus help you really save.

The Coating That’s Right For Your Roof

When it comes to roof coatings, there’s no one fits all solution. In fact, there’s a wide range of different options that you have to choose from. Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. Some are more suitable for certain kinds of roofing than others. With our ability to provide a wide range of different roof coating options, we can always provide the coating that’s perfectly suited to your roof and any other important factors.

3. Patio & Driveway Cleaning Sheerness

Patio & Driveway Cleaning Sheerness

Your roof isn’t the only surface that can suffer as a result of the outdoor conditions. In fact, there’s a number of outdoor surfaces around your home or property that require care in order to prevent premature wear and tear from occurring. Both your driveway and patio are examples of this. Such surfaces can often attract all kinds of bacteria growth over time. As such, they also require regular cleaning in order to ensure that they are properly maintained. This is something else that our cleaning team is here to help with.

Patio and Driveway Cleaning

More than just being roof cleaning experts, our service is here to help with more of your outdoor cleaning needs. This includes offering both patio cleaning and driveway cleaning services. Both such surfaces can experience a lot of problems with a range of bacteria growth, including mould growth. Our cleaning service provides an easy way to keep your outdoor surfaces truly clean. We have the tools needed to cut through even the harshest grime, and can even help remove moss as well. So, if it’s finally time to give your driveway or patio a clean, you know we are the team to call.

Prevent Premature Wear and Tear

Like with many outdoor surfaces, including your roof, your driveway and patio often attract a lot of bacteria growth, including algae or mould growth, over time. Although such surfaces are often made from durable materials, including concrete, the presence of these build ups can result in premature wear and tear, and damage, over time. Our cleaning team can wash away algae, acidic grime and other nasty things that can build up so that your patio or driveway doesn’t experience any damage as a result of them. This can help to increase the overall lifespan of such surfaces.


As well as offering important protection, our cleaning service is also the most effective way to maintain the overall appeal of your outdoor patio or driveway. A patio or driveway covered in algae, mould or moss can really draw people’s attention away from those features of your home or outdoor space that you’ve worked hard to accentuate. Whether it’s the curb appeal of your driveway or the appeal that your patio provides to your outdoor space, our effective cleaning surface can help to restore it, so you can keep your home looking great.

The Fast And Effective Way To Get The Job Done

Tired of trying to clean either your driveway or patio with a low powered hose that just doesn’t get results? That’s why you should leave the job of cleaning such outdoor surfaces to us. We provide a fast and effective way to really get the job done. So, not only will such surfaces be properly clean, you can save yourself a whole lot of time as well.

4. Exterior Wall Cleaning & Coating Sheerness

Wall Coatings Sheerness

Your exterior walls are often another outdoor surface that you can overlook. However, it’s important to remember that they experience just as much of the elements as your roof and the other outdoor surfaces around your property. This can cause damage and result in problems with bacteria growth in much the same way. Providing your exterior walls with a coating can help to prevent such issues. This is where you can take full advantage of our expertise. We can also provide and apply a selection of different exterior wall coatings designed to provide your walls with a measure of protection against the outdoor elements.

Wall Coatings

Along with being able to apply the very best range of roof coatings, our team is also here to apply a selection of exterior wall coatings too. The main purpose of such a coating is to give your walls protection against a number of problems they can be faced with as a result of the outdoor conditions, especially the accumulation of mould and other bacteria. This can have many benefits, including ensuring that the look and curb appeal of your home is protected against the damage that these nasty build-ups can cause.

Protect Your Exterior Walls

Similar to roof coatings, the main purpose of providing your exterior wall with a coating is to protect it from damage. In this case, the coating is designed to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, including things like algae and mould. How does this help to protect your walls? Well, like with other outdoor surfaces such as your roof or driveway, these build-ups of bacteria can actually do long term damage, which can often be expensive to repair. A coating can help to prevent any such issues, so you don’t need to worry about it.

Curb Appeal

Wall coatings can also be a way to protect and maintain the curb appeal of your home. This is because as mentioned, one of their functions is to prevent the growth and accumulation of algae, mould and other bacteria. This does away with having to worry about anything unsightly growing on your exterior walls which can pull focus away from other features of your home. On top of that, you can choose from a wide variety of textures and colours, so you can easily create a look that completes and compliments the overlook, style and design of your home.

Exterior Wall Cleaning

Exterior Wall Coatings Sheerness

When it comes to exterior walls, coatings aren’t all that our service provides. We also do exterior wall cleaning. Your exterior walls are really no different from any other outdoor surfaces around your property: they can experience all kinds of problems with bacteria and mould growth too. Such build-ups don’t just ruin the appeal of your home, they can also cause damage over time too. Cleaning your exterior walls can ensure they avoid wear and tear and continue to look their best.

Exterior Wall Coatings With Proven Performance

Invest in your property by coating your exterior walls with proPERLA®.

Your walls will look brand new with the self-cleaning exterior wall coatings from proPERLA® and the many colours available. The perceived value of your home will increase.

proPERLA® Exterior wall coatings are available in a wide range of colours. Our very experienced operatives will apply it either by an airless spray unit, brush or roller.

Contact us for your free quotation. Our exterior wall coatings specialists in Sheerness/Swale will be happy to help.

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Starting to notice that your roof is covered in algae, mould and moss? Well, we are the team that can help you get it clean again. Our roof cleaning and other related roof care services provide you with a way to make sure that your roof is always well maintained and looked after. This will help it to last longer and ultimately mean that you’ll get better long term value. So, call us now to get the equipment and expertise that you need to get your roof thoroughly cleaned.